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Turnkey and Custom Agribusiness Solutions

AgTerra has been providing custom software solutions for agribusinesses since 2003. We strive to provide customers with easy-to-use software that’s accessible over the Internet and GIS-enabled. We were mobile before mobile became mainstream.


Over the years, AgTerra has helped agribusinesses streamline daily operations and meet the needs of their customers with AgTrac.  Each custom AgTrac system is comprised of one or many modules designed specifically for an enterprise’s particular needs.  Available modules include:

check Grower contracting
check Field level mapping
check Crop production records
check___ Chemical prescription
check___ Records access points, restriction areas and no-work areas.
check___ Pesticide application tracking and reports
check___ Seed ordering, sales and delivery
check___ Harvest scheduling and harvest fleet management
check___ Harvest reporting
check___ Mass texting/email communication system
check___ Payment systems
check___ Crop scouting modules
check___ Plot research/ Seed variety analysis
check___ Worker Protection Standards (WPS) pesticide application and reporting


AgTerra’s MapItFast product is an out-of-the-box solution that offers powerful mapping and recordkeeping capabilities with customizable features that allow businesses to tailor the software to meet their unique needs. The MapItFast product consists of a web-based interface as well as a mobile application for smartphones and tablets. Points, lines, polygons and photos can be added to a map from the field or office, then customized forms can be attached and synched with a private database. With MapItFast, users are not confined to an Internet connection; map data and forms can be collected in the field even when a connection is unavailable.
The following are just some of the features of MapItFast:


One Tap Mapping: Drop a point or draw field boundaries with just a tap of a button in the app.

Custom Forms: Gather important information electronically and view historical data while in the field. Forms can include data validation, lookup tables, calculations, signatures and much more.


Offline and Custom Maps: In addition to online basemaps, users can build and upload their own basemaps and layersets for offline use.

Project synchronization: MapItFast’s sync engine automatically shares maps and data with authorized users to make project collaboration quick and easy.


Project Permissions: Control user access to projects with an advanced permissions system.

Reports for Print and E-mail: Custom PDF reports can be built and generated as needed. Reports can include company logos, photos, maps, signatures and more.


MapItFast is Especially Useful for:

check Conducting field surveys and scout observations
check Monitoring field workers in real-time
check Logistics planning and crop management
check___ Weed, insect, disease, soil, and plant sampling
check___ Generating maps highlighting field conditions
check___ Making ag chemical recommendations tracking applications
check___ Viewing spray application maps
check___ Conducting plot observations
check___ Gathering scalehouse and quality control data
check___ Managing data from drones
check___ Meeting WPS requirements

Designed for the Way You Do Business

AgTerra’s products are both flexible and scalable. All forms and reports may be customized to meet the unique needs of each agribusiness. AgTerra provides one-on-one assistance with custom forms, PDF reports and detailed summary reports that further empower data analysis capabilities by compiling records and identifying trends. A free REST API is available for high end users who require integration with pre-existing systems.

AgTerra also has multiple data collection templates for ag-based activities such as crop scouting, WPS, field surveys and more.  These templates may be used as-is or can be easily customized for internal use.

AgTerra Delivers Value

Improve accountability and productivity in your operations with AgTerra’s AgTrac and MapItFast solutions for agriculture. Simplify data gathering requirements for internal staff and contracted producers. Eliminate delays due to missing paperwork or messy handwriting. Improve communications and efficiency with centralized, synchronized data. Immediate access to data from the field puts information at your fingertips and empowers users with the ability to make informed decisions quickly. 
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