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Vegetation Management Made Simple with MapItFast

MapItFast as a powerful tool for roadside ROW, transmission, oil and gas pipeline, utility substations, and tower and railway vegetation management.  The software is used to help manage crews, record activities, and generate reports from remote work sites.  MapItFast is a mobile and web-based platform that can be deployed as an enterprise asset mapping and data maintenance solution in office and mobile environments.

More Than Just Maps

Vegetation management professionals upload custom digital maps into MapItFast to display their current location and add new map data.  Forms for inspections, work assignments, job costing, work progress, compliance and more are filled electronically.  Associated reports may include photos, maps, and signatures and may be emailed while working in the field.   MapItFast allows field workers to view maps, add data and generate reports even while working in disconnected environments.

One Product, Many Solutions

MapItFast is used among small and large vegetation management companies to plan, monitor and report upon critical aspects of the vegetation management process.  MapItFast can:


Create, share, track, plan, schedule and audit vegetation work

Conduct damage, maintenance, asset, and inventory


Work in a fully disconnected environment

Synchronize with a central database


Manage projects with extensive users and project permission controls

Comprehensive Data Management

MapItFast includes powerful and robust web-based and mobile tools for customizing electronic forms and reports specifically to business requirements.  Multiple widgets make it possible to convert any paperwork process into an electronic one and even improve upon paperwork with features such as barcode scanning robust, multiple photos, area maps, signatures and more. Associated time and errors with re-entering data are completely eliminated.  All data collected within the desktop and mobile framework environments can be outputted to a wide variety of formats, including PDF, XLS, XML, SHP, KMZ, e-mail and others.


Specific Software Features

checkReal-time status tracking vegetation management work, including line clearing, trimming and herbicide application.
checkPlans and tracks pre-work and post-trim inspection information.
checkManage multi-year maintenance programs.
check___Records and manages damage assessment and tree removal.
check___Records access points, restriction areas and no-work areas.
check___Project and weekly/date-based timesheets.
check___Provides details reports that may include company logo, maps, photos, and signatures.
check___Delivers email reporting capability from the site.

Low Cost, High Value

MapItFast is packed with more features at a lower price than competing software offerings.  Mapping, form filling and reporting are complete with one system.  The system is flexible to meet current needs and yet scalable for future requirements.  A multitude of formats are available to allow data to be exported to other databases and GIS systems such as Excel, SharePoint, SQL, Google Earth, and ArcGIS.  Advanced querying and sorting capability allows users to quickly filter through large volumes of data.  A free REST API allows IT professionals to leverage other IT investment and integrate with third party tabular databases, CRM systems and geodatabases.  The reporting capabilities are extensive and powerful allowing vegetation professionals to build and deliver colorful and detailed reports for customers or build summary and analysis reports for internal use.

In addition to direct cost savings, MapItFast delivers value against intangible, but real costs such as:

check___Real-time status for improved planning and tracking all work.
check___Enhanced speed and accuracy in business processes.
check___Improved personnel and resources productivity.
checkMore effective budget planning and spending.
checkDetailed, rapid and professional reporting .

Tailored to Your Needs

Depending on business requirements, MapItFast may be further enhanced with AgTerra’s add-on modules such as SprayLogger for highly detailed herbicide application tracking and reporting and TrackItFast for fleet management and asset tracking.  For the enterprise, AgTerra offers customized software development tailored to vegetation management. 

Our Projects Include:

check___Chemical inventory and tracking systems
check___Work order development and assignment
check___Prescription programs
check___On call treatment
check___Schedule reporting
check___Abatement reporting
check___Agricultural WPS (including REI controls)
check___Invasive species mapping with BLM NISIMS

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